Bomb Cosmetics Luxury Bath & Soap Body Pamper Gift Sets

All Pre Gift wrapped and all made from natural ingredients
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Something hand made is always better, and it needn’t cost the earth.

Bomb Cosmetics products are hand made with love and ‘home-cooked’ on their premises.

The card is recycled, and the products are made and packed by hand as the environment shouldn’t suffer for our little luxuries!

Each of these gift packs contains the best, most popular and most favorite Bomb Cosmetics products from the last 14 years.

All of the products are hand made, then placed in a cocoon of natural wood wool inside a recycled cardboard box, and wrapped with care, love & lovely paper!


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  • 25th December Gift Set contains Pink Christmas Bath Blaster, Merry & Bright Bath Blaster, Holly Dolly Bath Blaster, Fairy Lights Bath Blaster, Festive Fair Isle Bath Blaster, Passion Fruit Dream Bath Blaster, Bath Bauble Bath Blaster



  • You’re the Coolest Gift Set contains Frosty Bath Blaster, Ice Bomb Bath Blaster Joy to the World Bath Blaster, Chilly Willy Bath Blaster, Written in the Stars Bath Blaster, Polar Express Bath Blaster, Penguining to look a lot like Christmas Bath Blaster
  • I Come Bearing Gift Set contains Merry & Bright Bath Blaster, Cooltide Bath Blaster, Deer Me Bath Blaster, Cherry Bathewell Bath Blaster, Fab-u-lous Bath Blaster, Bear Necessities Bath Blaster, Chilly Willy Bath Blaster.
  • Santa’s Favourite Gift Set contains Chilly Millie Bath Blaster, Its Xmas Bath Blaster, Going Crackers Bath Blaster, Run Rudolph Run Bath Blaster, Stocking Fizzer Bath Blaster, Father Blissmas Bath Blaster
  • Unicorn Spark Gift Pack contains Take a Bow Soap, The last Unicorn Bath Blaster, Bathe The Rainbow Bath Mallow, Raspberry Diva Bath Creamer, Sweet Star Surprise Soap Cake
  • Anything is Popsickle Gift Pack contains You Make me Melt Bath Blaster, 5 Colours n Her Hair Bath Blaster, Passionfruit Pom Pom Mallow, Sun of a Beach Mallow, Find Me In the Fruit Aisle Soap.
  • Bee-autiful Gift Pack contains Honey I’m Home Bath Mallow, Honey Pear Lip Treatment, Stardust Soap, Honey Bee Mine Bath Blaster, Lemon Meringue Soap.
  • Dino-Mite Gift Pack contains Rocket Man Bath Blaster, Close Encounters Bath Blaster, Dinosoak Bath Mallow, Starry Eyed Bath Creamer, Planet Peppermint Soap
  • Shake Up Christmas Gift Pack contains Polar Express Bath Blaster, It’s Snowtime Bath Blaster, Snowglobe Soap, The leader of the Pack Bath Mallow, Ice Ice Baby Bath Creamer.
  • Santa Paws Gift Pack contains It’s Xmas Bath Blaster, Merry & Bright Bath Mallow, Fizzy Cola Lip Scrub, Peppermint Patch Soap, Candy Cane Mountain Soap.
  • Mr Frosty Gift Pack contains Frosty Bath Blaster, The North Pole Bath Mallow, Frothy the Snowman Solid Shower Gel, The Little Snowman Bath Mallow, Chilly Willy Bath Blaster
  • Snow Flurry Gift Pack contains Chilly Willy Bath Blaster, Winter Warmer Soap, Snow Good Bath Blaster, The Leader of the Pack Bath Creamer, Mr Frosty Bath Creamer
  • Under The Mistletoe Gift Pack contains Merry & Bright Bath Blaster, Jolly Holly Bath Mallow, Hollybobs Bath Bath Blaster, Merry & Bright Bath Creamer, Take a Bow Soap
  • Fa La La Festive Gift Pack contains Merrily On High Bath Blaster, Passion Fruit Dream Bath Blaster, Candy Cane Mountain Soap, Gold Linger Bath Creamer, Slay Bells Bath Mallow
  • Sweet Illusion Gift Pack contains B Mine Bath Blaster, Sweet Love Mallow, Island Tiara Creamer, All That Glitters Bath Blaster, Candy Box Soap
  • Fleece Navidad Gfit Pack contains No Prob Llama Bath Blaster, Tickled Pink Soap, Pink Christmas Bath Blaster, Take a Bow Soap, Merry & Bright Bath Creamer
  • Worth Melting For Gift Pack contains Pink Christmas Bath Blaster, Polar Express Bath Blaster, Winter Wonderland Bath Mallow, Snowflakes on your Tongue Bath Mallow, Snowglobe Soap
  • Fab-yule-ous Gift Pack contains Snowflakes Chance Bath Blaster, Diva Fever Bath Blaster, Sknowflakes on your Tongue Bath Mallow, Journey to the centre of the Creamer, Sky at Night Soap.
  • Incredibauble Gift Pack contains Merry & Bright Bath Blster, Glitterballs Bath Creamer, Fairy Lights Bath Blaster, Bath Bauble Bath Blaster, Bubble Up Soap
  • Robin the Red Gift pack contains Father Blissmass Bath Blaster, Razzle-berry Bath Baster, Seasons Tweetings Bath Mallow, Seasons Tweeting Bath Creamer, Candy Mountain Soap
  • Bee-autiful Gift Pack contains Honey I’m Home Bath Mallow, Honey Pear Lip Treatment, Stardust Soap, Honey Bee Mine Bath Blaster, Lemon Meringue Soap.
  • No Peeking Gift Pack contains It’s Xmas! Bath Blaster, Santa Hat Bath Mallow, Merry & Bright Bath Blaster, Merry & Bright Bath Mallow, Take a Bow Soap.
  • Crazy Christmas Gift Pack contains All I want for Christmas is U-nicorn Bath Blaster, Flamingo Ho Ho Bath Blaster, Electric Dreams Soap, Mint Condition Bath Mallow, Ice Breaker Bath Creamer.
  • Date Night Gift Pack contains Crazy Stupid Bath Blaster, Passion Fruit Dream Bath Blaster, S.W.A.L.K Bath Mallow, Spread the Love Bath Mallow.
  • You’re So Cupid Gift Pack contains Cotton Candy Bath Blaster, All You Need is Lover Blaster, Mad about You Bath Creamer, Miss Fancypants Bath Mallow
  • Panda Yourself Gift Pack contains Bear With Me Bath Blaster, Blackberry Bath Creamer, V For Violet Bath Blaster, Panda-monium Bath Mallow, Berry the Hatchet Soap
  • Lip Sync Gift Pack contains Ruby Vegas Soap, S.W.A.L.K Bath Mallow, Truth or Bare Bath Blaster, Diva Fever Bath Blaster, Pink Pamper Soap
  • Strawberry Feels Forever Gift Pack contains Pick Your Own Bath Blaster, Strawberry Sunrise Bath Blaster, Strawberry Fields Soap, Strawberry Bath Creamer, Wild Strawberry Bath Mallow
  • Yeah Bouy! Gift Pack contains Shiver Me Timbers Bath Blaster, Octopi my Heart Bath Mallow, Dunk-in Sailor Bath Blaster, Dead Sea Salt Soap
  • Zebra Crossing Gift Pack contains Dark Pleasures Soap, Diva Fever Bath Blaster, Racing Stripes Bath Mallow, Suds & Stripes Bath Blaster, Bathe The Rainbow Bath Mallow
  • Love Potion Gift Pack contains Kiss From a Rose Soap, First Love Bath Mallow, Nature’s Candy Bath Blaster, Vintage Vibe Bath Mallow, Fairytale Fantasy Bath Blaster
  • Good Vibes Gift Pack contains Dunk in Love Watercolours, Lemon Da Vida Loca Bath Blaster, Crystal Waters Soap, My Rainboo Soap, Lemon Express Bath Mallow
  • The Great British Gift Pack contains Mad Hatters Tea Party Bath Blaster, Wild Strawberries Bath Mallow, Polkadot Pot Bath Mallow, Berry Bar Soap, Sweetie Pie Bath Blaster
  • Wild at Heart Gift Pack contains Sparkle & Shine bath blaster, Fizz the season Bath Blaster, Streawberry Bath Creamer, Bring on the Bubbly Bath Mallow, Pink Pamper Soap
  • New Age Hipster Gift Pack contains Sir Fizzalot Bath Blaster, Yes Man Solid Shower Gel, Dapper Chap Soap, Man in the Mirror Body Butter, Wave Hello Shower Gel
  • Part Time Mermaid Gift Pack contains Mermaid for Each Other Bath Blaster, Under the Sea Bath Mallow, Mermaid’s Delight Bath Blaster, She Sells Seashells Bath Mallow, Sea Sprite Soap
  • Dearming of A Pink Christmas Gift Pack contains Sugar Plum Fairty Blaster, Chilly Millie Bath Blaster, Snowflakes on your Tongue Bath Mallow, Twinkle Star Bath Creamer, Tickled Pink Soap
  • Christmas Tropicana Gift Pack contains Hula Hula Bath Blaster, Flamingo Ho Ho Bath Blaster, Snowflakes on your Tonue Bath Mallow, Pineapple Party Bath Mallow, The refresher Soap.
  • Cherry Bathe-well Gift Pack contains Cherry bathewell blaster 160g, Summer cherry soap 100g, Apple cherry choo choo 30g, Sweet cherry pie blaster 160g, Very berry creamer 30g
  • Pocketful of Posies Gift Pack contains Portofino Blossom Blaster, Strike a Posy Bath Mallow, Polkadot Posie Bath Creamer, Big Softee Soap, Love Nest Bath Blaster
  • Totally Tropical Gift Pack contains Stick it to the Man-darin Soap, Pineapple Expressed Blaster, Strange Fruit Bath Mallow, Orange Soda Good Soap, Pineapple Prefect Body Butter
  • Soap Chunks Gift Pack contains Chunks of our finest handmade soaps made with essential oils, in a recycled card gift box.
  • Thanks a Melon Git Pack contains One in a Melon Bath Blaster 160g, Apple & Raspberry Bath Mallow 50g, Who want to be a Melonaire Bath Mallow 50g, What a Melon Lip Treatment 4.5g, What a Melon Soap 100g
  • Sky High Gift Pack contains Incense & Sensibility Blaster 160g, Azure Skies Soap 100g, Pink Rhubarb Princess Whoopie Blasters 140g, Chai High Mallow 30g, Miss Tangleberry Buttercup 30g.
  • Right as Rain Gift Pack contains Rain Dance Bath Blaster 160g, Over the Rainbow Bath Blaster 160g, The Dream Machine Bath Mallow 50g, Chasing Rainbows Bath Mallow 50g, River of Clouds Soap 100g
  • Petal Perfect Gift Pack contains Petal Perfect Face Wash 120g, Stress Less Bath Creamer 30g, Porcelain Peony Bath Blaster 160g, Flower Bazaar Bath Creamer 30g, Vintage Rosehip Bath Blaster 160g
  • The Distinguished Gentleman Gift Pack contains Dapper Chap Soap, Wave Hello Shower Gel, The distinguished Gentleman Body Lotion, Man Grenade, The big Blue Soap
  • Three Little Birds Gift Pack contains Apple & Raspberry Swirl Blaster, Pink Rhubarb Encounted Mallow, Springtime Fantasy Soap, Daisy Daisy Buttercup, Flutterby Butterfly Blaster
  • Palm Springs Gift Pack contains All That Glitters Bath Blaster 160, Flutter By Butterfly Bath Blaster 160g, Summer Cherry Soap 100g, Apple & Raspberry Bath Mallow 50g, Superfuruiter Buttercup 30g
  • Festival Spirit Gift Pack contains Summer Holiday Body Butter 110ml, Rock ‘n’ Roller Soap, Feel the Love Bath Creamer, Surreal Appeal Bath Blaster, Tweetie Pie Bath Blaster
  • Santa’s Sleigh Ride Gift Pack contains Father Blissmas Bath Blaster, Santa’s Hat Bath Mallow, Snowdrift Bath Creamer, Candy Box Soap, Stocking Fizzer Bath Blaster
  • O Christmas Gift Pack contains Sudsey Bath Blaster, Santa’s Hat Bath Mallow, Gold Linger Bath Creamer, Stardust Soap, Christmas Baubles Soap
  • Merry Kiss-mass Gift Pack contains Gingerbread Tree’s Bath Blaster, Bah Humbug Bath Mallow, The Glitterati Bath Creamer, Santa’s Grotto Bath Brulee, Festive Ginger Cake Soap
  • Santa Baby Gift Pack contains It’s Xmas Bath Blaster, Glitterballs Bath Creamer, Too Cool for Yule Cocoa Swirl, Winter Wonderland Soap, Gingerbread Trees Bath Blaster
  • Santa Says Relax Hessian Gift Pack contains Hypnobath Bath Blaster, Sweetie Pie Bath Blaster, Bedazzled Bath Blaster, It’s Xmas Bath Blaster, Razzle-berry Bath Blaster, Passionfruit Dream Bath Blaster, Chocolate Kisses Bath Blaster
  • Winter Wonderland Gift Pack contains Deer Me Bath Blaster, The Gliterati Bath Creamer, Jolly holly Bath Mallow, Baby Ur a Star Soap, Oh Xmas Tree Bath Blaster
  • Winter Punch Gift Pack contains It’s Xmas Bath Blaster, Lday Marmalade Bath Creamer, Glitterballs Bath Creamer, Festive Fairisle Bath Blaster, Stick it to the Mandarin Soap
  • Berry Christmas Cracker contains It’s Xmas Bath Blaster, Fresh Berry Bath Blaster, Cherry Bathe-well Bath Blaster
  • The Bomb Hat Box Gift Pack contains All you need is love Bath Blaster, Jelly Baby Tin Candle, Vintage Vibe Bath Mallow, Pink Rhubarb Princess Bath Blaster Pink Pamper Soap, Ripplelicious Butterloop, Cotton Fresh Soap, Raspberry Shower Butter
  • Christmas Wishes Gift Pack contain Hollybobs Bath Blaster, Jolly Holly Bath Mallow, Glitterballs Bath Creamer, Gingerbread Trees Bath Blaster, Rock n Roller Soap.
  • Little Hotties Gift Pack: Gingerbread + Citrus blizzard + Cinnamon = Gingerbread Man – A new home aroma experience. Each little hottie is hand-poured and highly frangrance, allowing you to create your own bespoke scents for the home. Use our easy to use menu for inspiration, or be brave and invent your own unique fragrance bombo! Place 3 or 4 little hotties into your melter, put a lit tealight below and allow them to melt, filling your home with it’s own bespoke fragrance! You know it makes scents!
  • Superhero’s Saviour Gift Pack: Up, Up & Away Shower Gel, River of Clouds Soap, Fizz, Bang, Pop Blaster, Soaper Hero Soap, Zero 2 Hero Mallow.
  • Vintage Velvet Gift Pack: Vintage Rosehip Blaster 120g, Rose Bath Creamer 30g, Velvet Underground Bath Blaster 160g, Rosebud Bath Buttercup 30g, Bejewelled Soap 100g
  • Silent Night Gift Pack: Cooltide Bath Blaster 160g / 5.5oz, Winter Spruce Bath Blaster 160g/5.5oz, Feeling Foxy Bath Mallow 50g/1.7oz, Proof in the Pudding Creamer 30g /1oz, Rock n Roller Soap, 100g/3.5oz
  • Christmas Carol Gift Pack: Going Crackers Blaster, Perfect Present Bath Blaster, Wrapped with Love Bath Mallow, Glitterballs Bath Creamer, Wrappers Delight Soap
  • Dreaming of a Pink Christmas Gift Pack: Sugar Plum Fairy Blaster, Chilly Millie Bath Blaster, Snowflakes on your Tongue Bath Mallow, Twinkle Star Bath Creamer, Tickled Pink Soap.
  • Sprinkle of Magic Gift Pack: Sparkle & shine with pure essential oils and bring the magic to your bathroom!
  • It’s party Time Gift Pack: Party Popper Blaster, Sweetie Pie Blaster, Make A Wish Mallow, Bake It Easy Mallow, Sweet Sundae Soap
  • The Land of Nod Gift Pack: Bomb-Jamin Button Blaster, Silver Linings Blaster, The Dream Machine Mallow, Lavender Creamer, Button Babe Soap
  • Rudolph Nose Best Gift Pack: Deer Me Bath Blaster, The Leader of the Pack Bath Mallow, Follow the Star Bath Blaster, Stardust Soap, The Leader of the Pack Bath Creamer

Vegan-Friendly, Handmade, Naturally produced PH neutral Gift Sets from Bomb Cosmetics

Drop your Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster in to a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water. Rinse bath well after use.
Place your Bath Creamer in warm water and watch as it fizzes softly, melting and releasing its Cocoa Butter.

Body Warmer

Heat up & hug! These microwaveable heat packs give a lasting warmth to soothe aches and pains as the real lavender buds inside release a relaxing, aromatic fragrance. Delicately fragranced with real lavender, just pop the inner bag in the microwave and snuggle up! Perfect for aches and pains and cosy nights in! There are 12 cute, new Bomb characters. Each one has knitted/fabric covers and the inner bag is filled with ceramic & silicone beads.

How To Use

Microwave heating times & instructions for use: -Remove this microwaveable insert from the knitted/fabric cover and heat in a microwave following the instructions below -Do not heat the knitted/fabric cover -After heating this microwaveable insert, it must be re-inserted into the knitted cover with the velcro securely fastened before use -Place half a cup of water inside the microwave whilst heating to assist re-hydration. Be careful when removing the cup of water as it may be very hot -Make sure the turntable is able to rotate freely, is clean and free of grease or anything which could cause burning or contamination of the product -Place the microwaveable insert onto a non-metallic plate and place inside microwave oven, making sure the filling inside the insert is evenly distributed -In the event of overheating, allow to cool completely and inspect all seams and condition of this microwaveable insert -Do not use if damaged -Once heated allow to stand for 30 seconds before use.

Shipping: Orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment. Orders placed after Friday 12pm will be dispatched on Monday.

Return: We want all our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product in its original packaging and condition within 35 days for a full refund, minus any postage charge.

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