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BATH Bath salt ball
Essential oils/6 pcs
Tickle me pink
Aroma: Victorian Rose
Benefits: Relaxing,Moisturising,Effectively prevent skin aging, relax,Moisturising,Promote blood circulation,Eliminate aging keratin.
Weight: about 100g

Candy Kisses Bath salt ball
Aroma: Strawberry vanilla taste
Benefits: Comforting, Uplifting,Can enhance the elasticity of the skin, accelerate the metabolism inside the skin, and help purify our skin.
Weight: About 100g

Marmalade Madness
Aroma: Sweet Orange
Benefits: Uplifting, Balancing, Freshening,Have the effects of moisturizing, hydrating and whitening, Dilute fine lines wait efficacy.
Weight: About 100g

Love heart pink

Aroma: Victorian Rose
Benefits:Effectively prevent skin aging, relax,moisturising,Promote blood circulation,eliminate aging Keratin.
Weight: About 60g

Donut Bliss
Aroma: Lemon
Benefits:Uplifting, Cleansing, Purifying,Sweet and sour aroma makes people feel fresh and relaxed.Contains vitamin C in lemon for beauty and detoxification.
Weight: About 40g

Cupcake Celebration

Aroma: Lavender & Shea Butter
Benefits: Super Moisturizing, Calming, Relaxing,The “cream” part is made of plenty of Shea butter which is hard to dissolve and float, but work best for dry and itchy skin. Once you hold it above water, it forms one beautiful purple hue.
Weight: About 75g

Usage: Fill your bath with warm water and throw in an acevery bath ,Body soaking in the bathtub for a few minutes,Enjoy the burst of flavor,fizz,and fun,reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean.

1.This product is non-food, don’t eat. If accidentally swallow, please take plenty of water, and timely seek medical advice.
2.do not use it when pregnant or allergic. If it is irritated, stop using it for external use only.


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